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Getting a Routine or Expedited US Passport Has Never Been Easier

In a rush to obtain a new passport? We have you covered with our US Passport Guidance services even if you need your passport in a few days or weeks.

What is the Process for Routine Passport Applications?

From the time your materials are submitted to the US Department of State until you receive your passport, the standard passport application process takes four to six weeks. In some cases, you may be able to send your application materials via US mail. You can also apply at a passport office or a regional passport agency in your area.

However, what if your passport is required sooner? That is also a possibility, owing to the expedited passport application process. You can expect to receive your passport in two to three weeks if you work with a private passport expediter, and in as little as a few days if you use a recommended courier service.

How Do Expedited Passport Services Work?

If you need your passport within four to six weeks or need a foreign visa, expedited options are available.

Both options will ensure that your expedited passport arrives in time for foreign travel. You must make an appointment and submit proof of travel when applying for a passport through the Regional Passport Agency. Dial 877-487-2778 to schedule an appointment. Priority may be given to life-or-death or emergency situations as determined by the passport agency, but this is not guaranteed.

When submitting an application to the regional passport agency, an expedited service fee is required. Additionally, the Department of State recommends that individuals who require expedited service pay a fee for overnight return service.

Using an Expediting Service to Get a Passport Quickly

The second option is to use a registered passport expediting company to expedite your application. These are private agencies affiliated with regional passport offices located throughout the country that can significantly reduce wait times due to their experience processing large volumes of applications. They can assist you not only with obtaining a valid United States passport on time, but also with a variety of visa applications and procedures for international travelers. Certain individuals may even qualify for an international driver’s license.

It should be noted that private expediting companies charge a service fee in addition to the government fee. Charges vary from $149 for 8-14 days of service to $349 for the next day of work. Additionally, they provide unique logistical shipping options, such as FedEx and airport-to-airport delivery.

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How Our Expedited Services Work?

Are you approaching a travel date and discovering that you lack a passport or that your current one has expired? Don’t worry; we can assist you even if you’re traveling tomorrow.

Over the last two decades, we have become the top agency in delivering quick, safe, and timely passports and visas to over half a million travelers.

Why Choose Us?
  • We can get your passport back to you the same day we receive your materials.
  • Our service is guaranteed; if you don’t make your trip – the passport is on us.
  • We provide online real-time tracking of your order.
  • We provide 4 different methods of contact with our customer service department (phone, live online chat, in-person, and email).

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