New Orleans Passport Agency

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The New Orleans Passport Agency offers same-day emergency passport services. The New Orleans Passport Agency is the best location to go if you know you’ll need an expedited passport in New Orleans.

For residents of the New Orleans area, this passport agency will be able to provide expedited passport services. You must make an appointment with the National Scheduling Center before visiting the New Orleans Passport Agency; the phone number is listed below. You will be sent an appointment confirmation number after you make your appointment.

It’s a good idea to keep it somewhere safe because you’ll need it when you check-in. Your social security card, on the other hand, can be used as proof of the appointment meeting if you lose it.


One Canal Place
365 Canal Street, Suite 1300
New Orleans, LA 70130-6508

The New Orleans Passport Agency does not have a public phone number, however, you can make an appointment through the National Scheduling Agency.

Bring the following items:

Bring all required documents and proof of citizenship, including passport applications, identifications, and passport photographs, when visiting this passport office.

Arrival Time:

When you go for your passport appointment, try to leave enough time to arrive on time. You will not be allowed inside if you arrive more than 15 minutes early, and if you arrive 15 minutes late, you will not be able to have your appointment.

You will be needed to check in once you arrive. You will either show the clerk your social security card or provide the clerk with your appointment confirmation number at this time. They will invite you to take a seat and place you in line.

The length of the wait may vary. Please keep in mind that you may not be seen at your scheduled time.

Regardless, it is critical that you arrive prepared and on time for your appointment. When you arrive for your consultation, you will require several items. There is an application on the Internet that must be completed, as well as another form for in-person applications. You will also need to bring a few other documents, which may be found at this link.

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