Passport Offices in Alaska

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It is not difficult to locate passport offices in Alaska. There are a number of passport offices located throughout Alaska. Certified agents at post offices will verify the documents, package them, and send them to a processing center.

You may need to make an appointment at some post offices. As a result, calling ahead to make an appointment is not required before dropping off your documents. If this is the case, get one right away to avoid any delays in the process. On top of that, the post office is closed on federal holidays. Avoid taking a vacation for any reason.

The United States Post Office in downtown Anchorage, Eagle River, Girdwood, and Sand Lake all have passport offices.

You will have two options for completing your application at the post office. The first category of processing is normal or routine. It is the more time-consuming of the two, taking up to six weeks to complete. Occasionally, eight weeks should be needed if delays occur. You will receive your new passport in the mail once the process is completed.

Expedited service is the alternate choice. This reduces the time required for processing to half that of routine processing. Thus, if no unexpected delays occur, you should receive your document within 2-3 weeks. Expedited delivery is $60.00 at the post office.

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Find Passport Offices in Alaska Near You

CountyAcceptance AgentsState
list-of-passport-agencies-in-bethel-countyBethel County2Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-denali-countyDenali County2Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-kenai-peninsula-countyKenai Peninsula County4Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-dillingham-countyDillingham County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-prince-of-wales-hyder-countyPrince Of Wales Hyder County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-bristol-bay-countyBristol Bay County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-kodiak-island-countyKodiak Island County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-sitka-countySitka County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-wrangell-countyWrangell County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-anchorage-countyAnchorage County4Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-lake-and-peninsula-countyLake And Peninsula County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-valdez-cordova-countyValdez Cordova County3Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-fairbanks-north-star-countyFairbanks North Star County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-juneau-countyJuneau County2Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-northwest-arctic-countyNorthwest Arctic County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-petersburg-countyPetersburg County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-skagway-countySkagway County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-north-slope-countyNorth Slope County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-aleutians-east-countyAleutians East County3Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-southeast-fairbanks-countySoutheast Fairbanks County3Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-haines-countyHaines County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-ketchikan-gateway-countyKetchikan Gateway County1Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-nome-countyNome County3Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-matanuska-susitna-countyMatanuska Susitna County3Alaska
list-of-passport-agencies-in-aleutians-west-countyAleutians West County2Alaska
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