Passport Agencies in Larimer County

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If you’re wanting to find a passport office in Colorado, then you should go to any of the 7 places in Larimer County that has an official US passport acceptance facility. The state of Colorado offers a total of 56 passport acceptance offices where you can get a passport.

A passport agent in Larimer County can help you get a passport by providing you with the passport form and witnessing your signature. Passport acceptance agents at the Larimer Offices demand appointments, so you’ll need to make one by calling the postal office.

Find Passport Offices in Larimer County

Colorado Passport Agency
3151 South Vaughn Way, Suite 600 CO 80014


Acceptance Agents:

Fort Collins City Clerk’s Office
300 La Porte Ave Fort Collins, Colorado
Larimer County – Citizen Info. Center
200 W Oak St Fort Collins, Colorado
305 Railroad Ave Lyons, Colorado
Town Of Berthoud
328 Massachusetts Ave Berthoud, Colorado
Uspo – Fort Collins
301 Boardwalk Dr Fort Collins, Colorado
Uspo – Livermore
55 County Road 74e Livermore, Colorado
Uspo – Loveland
446 E 29th St Loveland, Colorado
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