The Armchair Adventurer: The Best Virtual Travel Tours and Experiences

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Taking a virtual tour is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust during these stay-at-home times. 

There’s been an influx of virtual traveling videos and interactive experiences lately. We’re seeing great travel streams, VR adventures, 4K drone flights, and more! Add in a lot of travel discussion on social media and platforms and getting through the lockdown won’t be too hard for those that live for travel.

Here are our top picks for must-see virtual travel tours and experiences if you’re feeling up for an adventure while doing your part in keeping everyone safe during these tough times.

4K Urban Life’s Showcase of Big Cities & Metropolises

4K Urban Life’s YouTube channel is a stunning collection of 4K ultra HD, long-form video tours of cities from all over the world. The videos are absolutely perfect for those who love people watching and taking in big city sights and sounds. There are also many, many 4K drone videos showcasing urban sprawls and big city life.

The Louvre’s Virtual Tours and Exhibitions

The Louvre is one quite a few bucket lists which is why we’re adding it to our list! Since travel is tough right now and going to the Louvre doubly so, we recommend taking a virtual tour of some of its best exhibitions. From its ‘The Body of Movement’ exhibition to ‘Egyptian Antiquities’ and more, this is an experience you could totally check off on your travel list (go on, we won’t tell anyone it was all done online!).

ActionKid’s NYC Walks & Tours

The ActionKid’s YouTube channel sees videos uploaded daily of his experiences traversing New York City. Kenneth Chin, our star, has an incredible knowledge of the city and gives us a great overview of every nook and cranny while presenting it in 4K60FPS!

Preparing to Travel (Once Things Open Up Again)

Taking a guess — some of you reading have never traveled. Some may have created some plans but the whole pandemic thing disrupted things big time!

If you haven’t yet:

Now’s a good time to start the U.S. passport application process.

Government agencies are backed up because of everything that’s going on. Eventually, travel will open up to everyone again. Don’t wait until then because there will be a huge backlog!

And if you’ve got a passport and it’s going to expire? Get the passport renewal process going for these same reasons. It’s best to be ready for adventure when we return to normal than put it off for a couple of months longer, right?

Okay, now back to the virtual travel list…

Geographics’ History Lessons & Adventures

Geographics is a channel that’s quickly becoming one of our favorites because of it’s informative content and fun adventures. In a little over 20-ish minutes, you’ll experience a great adventure and learn something amazing about it, too. If you enjoy this history-travel type content then you’ll love the other channel, Biographics, presented by their team, too!

Google Maps’ Grand Canyon, USA ‘Hike’

Google Maps sometimes creates experiences using their ‘Stree View Trekker’ system which is basically the photo apparatus mounted to a person. This creates all kinds of amazing opportunities to show off the world. In this case, the Google Maps team took to the Grand Canyon for an extensive hike! All of it is presented in 360 panoramic images.

BookingHunterTV’s Breathtaking Worldly Tours

BookingHunterTV’s YouTube channel is chock full of amazing, long-form travel videos from all over the world. From Rome, Italy, and Vienna, Austria to Pisa, Italy, and more, the channel is a fantastic way to explore some of the most popular destinations around the world. Set it on a second screen while doing some work and the day will fly right by!

Virtual Japan’s Lush, Lo-Fi Japanese Adventures

Virtual Japan, as you could guess, offers virtual experiences of Japan. Presented in glorious 4K resolution, you’ll get to wander through the streets, visit parks, attend events, shops, and so much more. The channel also features a 24/7 stream of the videos set to lo-fi music.

Discover the World One Experience at a Time

There’s no replacement for real-life adventure but virtual tours are a nice alternative until things return to normal! In some ways, this downtime is perfect for figuring out your next itinerary.

Use this downtime to discover the world and make those big travel goals!

We also might suggest having a look at a travel blog for write-ups about various destinations, experiences, and cultures. Or, join a language program where you can learn a new language AND make friends with locals! 

The possibilities are endless when you start to adventure what’s available through the Web!