Angola Visa – How Do I Get An Angola Visa?

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Before traveling anywhere in the world, double-check that all official paperwork is to avoid any unwelcome and unnecessary delays. If you are a US citizen planning to visit Angola for any reason, the country will require a tourist visa, a business visa, a visitor visa, or an official visa, depending on the nature of your trip.

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a visa to Angola through the Internet. You must apply and appear in person at the Angolan Embassy or Consulate nearest to your physical location. The necessity to have your fingerprints taken is one of the reasons behind this need.

During the visa application process, you should also ensure that your current US passport has enough blank pages to accommodate your trip. Before entering the nation, make sure you have at least two full pages to accommodate any stamps that may be required upon arrival.

You can use expedited passport services in your area if you need to apply for a new passport, renew your existing passport, or order new blank pages to insert into your current passport before your trip. They can significantly reduce the normal processing time for these tasks.

Information on Angola’s Embassies and Consulates

Embassy & Consulate Address Phone Number
Embassy of Angola in Washington DC
2100-2108 16th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
United States
Consulate General of Angola in
3040 Post Oak Bl., Suite 780
Texas, 77056
United States
Consulate General of Angola in
New York
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 552
New York, NY 10017
United States

More information about Angola

Capital Luanda
Currency Kwanza (AOA)
Language Portuguese
Electricity Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type C 
Country Code 1+244
Time Zone
 –  Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+1)
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