India ungary Visa – How Do I Get An Indian Visa?

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Is India your destination? In India, visitors come from all over the world to visit numerous historical landmarks and exotic cities.

Tourists, students, and those planning to work in India must apply for an Indian visa and have a valid passport before traveling to India from the United States.

Everything listed above, as well as a business invitation or letter, should be provided if traveling on business. An introduction to the applicant, the nature of the business that will be conducted on the trip, and the type of visa and preferred validity length should all be included in a business invitation. The same is true for a business letter, with one requirement. A business letter will be required to demonstrate sufficient funds for your travel needs. Both the letter and the invitation should be written on the letterhead of the company where you work.

Required Documents for Indian Visa

Passport – A valid United States passport with at least six months’ validity and at least two blank visa pages (excluding the amendment pages) is required.
Indian Visa Application – Only online applications are accepted by the Indian embassy; handwritten applications will be rejected. You cannot make changes to your application once you have filled it out and printed it. The application form should be printed on two pages, with a signature required on each page. The applicant must sign beneath the photograph on page 1, and at the bottom of page 2.
Photo – A front-facing color photo on a white background without glasses is required.
Proof of Departure – This could be an e-ticket indicating the entry and exit dates from India. For the San Francisco Jurisdiction

Financial requirements (San Francisco Journal) – You need to provide a three-month bank statement if you are a student, unemployed, or retired.
Special Requirements –

  • Identification Forms – The following are some of the forms of identification that you will be required to provide to the Indian embassy.
  • Proof of resident address – This may be a license for the driver, a new bill for electricity, gas, or water supply, or a lease agreement that shows signatures from the landlord and tenant.
  • Letter of Invitation from India (Business Visa) – You must also provide a letter from the sponsoring company indicating reasons of residence and purpose of visits when you apply for a business visa to India. The letter must bear the sponsoring company’s letterhead and include the duration of the applicant’s stay, the location of the applicant’s stay, contact information, and the validity of the applicant’s visa, which may be one year, five years, or ten years. To state that the business is legally owned by India, the sponsoring company would also need to provide a copy of the Certificate of Corporation.
  • Business Letter (Business in the United States) – Introduce the employee, list the position held within the company, and state what position the employee (applicant) will be doing in India in a letter on the company letterhead.

Pakistani Citizens or Pakistani Origin – You will need to submit your passport in person because visa expediting companies will not be able to submit your Indian visa application.

Business Letter by Jurisdiction

Houston and Washington D.C. – Requires to use this business cover letter

Any other Jurisdiction – Requires to this business cover letter

Pakistani Citizens or Pakistani Origin –

You will need to submit your passport in person because visa expediting companies will not be able to submit your Indian visa application.

Indian Visa Types

The following is a list of India visas that can be obtained prior to visiting the country. They are divided into three distinct categories:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Working Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Diplomat Visa

Traveling to India requires an American passport that is valid for at least 180 days and has at least two blank pages on which to stamp visas.

Tourist Visa for India

Visas are stickers or stamps that are affixed to a blank passport page by immigration officials when they enter a country, rather than booklets like passports. Some countries, such as India, offer extra visas to visitors who want to work or study there.

Obtaining an Indian Tourist Visa: Useful Information

  • The Indian Embassy will not approve a visa application unless the applicant can show proof of having purchased a round-trip ticket to India. This ticket must also show that the applicant plans to leave India within six months of his or her arrival. After a visa application is approved, visitors can change their plans, but they must include a copy of their original reservation with their visa application.
  • Employment status, birth nationality, current nationality, and type of application are all required on an India tourist visa application. Citizens of the United States are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa for their situation. If a visitor’s immigration category needs to be changed (for example, from a tourist visa to a student visa) after entering India, exceptions are usually not granted.
  • According to the website of the United States Department of State, Indian regulations on tourist visa requirements change frequently and without warning or advance notice. As a result, they strongly advise visitors to check the Indian Embassy’s website in Washington, D.C. before traveling to India.
  • A tourist visa can be extended to U.S citizens for 10 years if done through a bilateral agreement.
  • Overstaying the time allotted by an Indian visa may require the Ministry of Home Affairs to assess the situation before allowing the person to leave the country.

Indian Work/Student Visa

  • Before entering India, primary requirements for obtaining a student or work visa include verification of enrollment in an accredited Indian university and/or verification of employment opportunities.
  • Provisional visas may be granted to students or workers who intend to attend school or work but have not completed all of the paperwork required to start work or a school program.+

Indian Business Visa

  • If multiple entries are stamped in the person’s passport or a document from the organization sponsoring the visitor is included with the application, business visas are valid for six months or several years.
  • People who want to buy or sell products, start a business, attend trade shows, or even recruit Indian workers for employment purposes are usually granted Indian business visas.

Approval Timeframe It’s time to get your Indian visa.
Depending on seasonal variations affecting the country’s tourism industry, approval of India visa applications can take several weeks. Furthermore, India is rapidly developing into one of the world’s leading economic powers, with its business sector experiencing rapid growth. An influx of business visa applications can also cause delays in the processing of tourist, work, and student visas.

Information on India Embassies and Consulates

Embassy & Consulate Address Phone Number
Embassy of India in Washington DC
2107, Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
United States
Consulate General of India in Houston TX

4300 Scotland Street
Texas 77007
United States

Consulate General of India in New York, NY
3 East 64th Street
New York, NY 10021
United States
Consulate General of India in Chicago, IL
455 North Cityfront, Plaza Drive, Suite 850
Illinois 60611
United States
Consulate General of India in San Francisco, CA
540 Arguello Boulevard
San Francisco
CA 94118
United States
Consulate General of India in Atlanta, GA
5549 Glenridge Drive NE
Atlanta, GA-30342
United States
Not Available

Further information for India 

Capital New Delhi
Currency Indian rupee (₹) (INR)
Language Hindi



Electricity Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type C /D/M
Country Code +91
Time Zone IST (UTC+05:30), Summer (DST)


If you choose to visit a regional Passport agency, make sure you are aware of the requirements and schedule an appointment with the national Passport scheduling service by calling 1-877-487-2778. You can do so at any time of day or night. Security is strictly enforced in most Wyoming passport offices. Metal detection devices are used by federal agencies.

If you live in Gillette, Wyoming, for example, you can apply for a passport at the Campbell County District Court or the US Post Office – Gillette. Before visiting, you should call to see if an appointment is required. Check a neighboring town or city if you can’t find an acceptance facility where you live.

When applying for a passport in Wyoming, you have two options: regular passport services, which take 4 to 6 weeks, or expedited passport services, which can take 2 or 3 weeks.

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