Puerto Rico Visa – How Do I Get An Puerto Rican Visa?

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Will you be spending your next vacation in beautiful Puerto Rico? You will not need a Puerto Rico Visa to visit Puerto Rico because it is a US territory.

As a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport to travel from or to any of the U.S. territory. You require a valid driver’s license or photo identification issued by the state.

This list will give you locations that are in the United States but do not require a passport or visa to visit.

The U.S. Territories are as follows:


Puerto Rico

The U.S. Virgin Islands

American Samoa

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Swains Island

Any citizen of the United States who returns directly from a U.S. territory is not considered to have left the country and does not require a passport.

If you plan to visit any of Puerto Rico’s neighboring islands, you should make sure your passport is in good working order and up to date to avoid any problems when traveling to nearby countries.

When you return from your trip to Puerto Rico, make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity left. Some countries require that your passport be valid for a certain amount of time after you leave the country. Some countries require one month, while others require six months. It depends entirely on the country you intend to visit. Before traveling to a country, we recommend contacting the embassy of the country you wish to visit.

You should also have at least two blank visa pages in your passport. Any visa stamps that need to be placed in your passport will be able to be done on the blank visa pages. Due to a lack of visa pages in a passport book, problems arose at the time. So, if you want to avoid any problems while traveling, keep these two rules in mind.

NOTE: There is no embassy or consulate information for Puerto Rico in the US Passport Help Guide.

More information about Puerto Rico

Capital San Juan
Currency United States dollar ($) (USD)
Language Spanish and English
Electricity Voltage: 120 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power sockets: type A/B
Country Code +1-787, +1-939
Time Zone UYT (UTC-3)

If you choose to visit a regional Passport agency, make sure you are aware of the requirements and schedule an appointment with the national Passport scheduling service by calling 1-877-487-2778. You can do so at any time of day or night. Security is strictly enforced in most Wyoming passport offices. Metal detection devices are used by federal agencies.

If you live in Gillette, Wyoming, for example, you can apply for a passport at the Campbell County District Court or the US Post Office – Gillette. Before visiting, you should call to see if an appointment is required. Check a neighboring town or city if you can’t find an acceptance facility where you live.

When applying for a passport in Wyoming, you have two options: regular passport services, which take 4 to 6 weeks, or expedited passport services, which can take 2 or 3 weeks.

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