Regional Passport Agency

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Regional Passport Agency is located in the United States for processing an expedited passport application. Most regional passport agencies are located in major cities such as Miami, Houston, and San Diego these agencies process passport applications non-jurisdictional. Therefore, a resident of Texas can have his or her passport application process at the New York Passport Agency.

What is Required to Expedited a Passport with the Passport Agency

When applying for an expedited passport via the Regional Passport Agency you will have to show proof of international travel showing you are traveling within 3 business days due to the COVID 19 Pandemic staffing is very limited at all the passport agencies around the United States.

When you are applying via the passport agency be sure to bring all your travel documents and other documents related to your passport services. At the Regional Passport Agency, you will be able to get all passport services completing new passport, child passport, passport renewal, damage passport, passport replacement, and passport potentially the same day or next day if you go in person and appointment is required.

U.S. Passport Agencies List

Arkansas Passport Agency 
Hot Springs AK
Atlanta Passport Agency
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Passport Agency
Atlanta, GA
Boston Passport Agency
Boston, MA
Buffalo Passport Agency
Buffalo, NY
Chicago Passport Agency
Chicago, IL
Colorado Passport Agency
Aurora, CO
Connecticut Passport Agency
Norwalk, CT
Dallas Passport Agency
Dallas TX
Detroit Passport Agency
Detroit MI
El Paso Passport Agency
El Paso Texas
Honolulu Passport Agency
Honolulu HI
Houston Passport Agency
Houston TX
Los Angelas Passport Agency
Los Angelas, CA
Miami Passport Agency
Miami, FL
Minneapolis Passport Agency 
Minneapolis MN
National Passport Center 
Portsmouth, NH
New Orleans Passport Center
New Orleans LA
New Orleans Passport Center
New Orleans LA
New York Passport Agency 
New York, NY
Philadelphia Passport Agency
Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia Passport Agency
Philadelphia PA
Philadelphia Passport Agency
Philadelphia PA
San Diego Passport Agency 
San Diego CA
San Francisco Passport Agency 
San Francisco CA
Seattle Passport Agency
Seattle WA
Vermont Passport Agency 
St Albans VT
Washington Passport Agency 
Washington DC
Western Passport Center 
Tucson AZ

Passport Agencies vs Passport Offices

  • What is the Different Between a Passport Agency vs Passport Offices
  • If you’re in the process of applying for a new passport or wish to renew your existing one, there are a few different steps that you can take. You can either choose to go through a Regional Passport Agency or a Passport Office. Though these two terms are often used interchangeably, they are two completely separate concepts and should be treated as such.
  • Regional Passport Agency 
  • Regional Passport Agencies often have locations in most major cities around the United States. These entities exist purely for processing the passport applications of United States citizens. It’s important to note that some Regional Passport Agencies require an appointment, so always check before you go.
  • Passport Offices
  • Passport Offices are also located all throughout the United States and are present in most United States Post Office buildings. Other locations where you are likely to find a Passport Office include County Clerk Offices, Court Buildings, and other types of government buildings in your area.
  • How to Process a Passport Application at Regional Passport Agencies